Sven Creutzmann, Born 1962 in Germany.

Resides permanently in Havana, Cuba, since 1993. Education in both editorial and advertising photography. Sven was covering seven years national and international assignments for the British news agency REUTERS and was pool photographer at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

He is now a reportage and commercial photographer and his photography is published in all major German publications  like STERN, SPIEGEL and magazines all over Europe, and, among others, in the NEW YORK TIMESBUSINESS WEEK, NEWSWEEK. He has also published a book on Cuba.

Sven's work includes features on all aspects of Cuban life, extensive archives on Castro as well as on all tourist spots on the island. He is a certified scuba-diver and also does underwater photography. Sven has travelled throughout Latin America to cover issues ranging from Presidential portrait of Chavez in Venezuela, Lapislazuli mining in  the Chilenean Andes, Favelas in Rio de Janeiro to American's handover of the Panama Canal.  He is a member of the German based reportage agency ZEITENSPIEGEL and is  the only German photographer permanently acreditated in Cuba.










LTI, HENKEL,  Cuban Tourism Ministry.





„Salsa einer Revolution”, 1999

Havana-Literarische Spaziergänge, 2001


Publications in Books:

“Barcelona 92-Olympic Games”

„LIFE-Die besten Fotos der 80er Jahre”

„STERN-40 Jahre Fotografie“

„STERN- Jahrbücher 1987, 1992, 1994, 2001“

“Buena Vista-die Musik Kubas“

„Abenteuer und Reisen-Kuba“

„Becksche Länderreise-Kuba“





- Tropicana-Backstage, International Press Center, Havana

- STERN, 50 Years Photography, Hamburg






Sven Creutzmann


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