A fully equipped office is available for you on request, providing all basic facilities as Computer, Printer, E-mail- and Internet, Telephone, Fax and Xerox. Upon demand we provide you with a secretary and/or interpreter in English, French or German language.



Cuba has a modern telephone system. Direct dialing is available from almost all telephones and all businesses have fax facilities. Mobile phones are used extensively and can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. International roaming is available with certain Cell phone providers. We offer the reservation of local cell phones and submit you the telephone-number in advance. We also book Walky-Talkies and Trunk-phones. 

Business in Cuba has become highly computerized, with e-mail becoming the most used method of communication. Over the last few years, bandwidth has increased substantially.




We arrange complete food and beverage service on the set, taking in account your individual food preferences at any time.




Locations, Talents, Props and Stock, other Facilities; whatever you are looking for, we'll find it for you!  Our especially briefed scouts  will sure find the solution that will please you.